Overseas Initiatives

Helping the poor to educational institutions

Our projects range from helping the poor in various capacities through to our core projects are educational institutes. The teachings and curriculum of the institutes listed below are government approved and lead to recognised qualifications, thus opening multiple opportunities for the students.

Our Institutes

Jamia Umm-ul-Khair, Gujrat

A girls dars with a similar setup to Jamia Ghosiya Rizvia in addition to the students being taught skills that will benefit them in life such as cooking and sewing.

Jamia Ghosiyah Rizvia, Gujrat

A boys dars focused upon providing Islamic teachings; with divisions for Quranic Studies - its various sciences - translation studies and a Dars-e-Nizaami course.

Jamia Al-Faiz, Gujrat

This project is still under development with around a third complete - which is now operational. It is a boys and girls dars and school that has been equipped with computer labs, an extensive library and a dispensary.