Education Centre

The Green Man to Community Centre

In 2020 we purchased the Green Man pub with the intent of converting it to serve the community with our vision to further education and contribute to society.

Situated on Otley Road, the building is accompanied by a large piece of land that can be used for future projects. The total price of this was was £230,000 of which £130,000 is Qarz-e-Hasn amount. 

To renovate and repurpose the building for the intended use, the amount required is £200,000.  

We need your prayers and financial support to undertake and complete this project.

Press coverage

This start of this journey has been documented by local journalist as well as national Sky channels. For your benefit we have collated and linked to several of these articles and videos below. 


The Green Man in Bradford, previous a public house, has recently been converted into an educational and social institute. The aim of this institution is to serve the religious and secular needs of the local community and is open to all regardless of religious or ethnic background.

Key points:

  1. The Al Faiz Trust project represents the fulfilment of work which started several years ago in Pakistan. The Al Faiz Trust stands for disseminated knowledge, awareness, integrity, and harmony in society.
  2. The work which led to the establishment of the institution based at the Green Man has already yielded impressive results elsewhere and has helped to improve the lives of hundreds of students in Pakistan. These students spent their entire academic career with the trust and have grown successfully to become valued members of society.
  3. The institutions in Pakistan are not only providing education, but also shelter, food and medical care.
  4. The Green Man, based in Bradford, UK, is a prominent community landmark, and its purchase represents a major achievement for the Al Faiz Trust. The Green Man has over 230 years of history behind it, and it will continue to be a focal point for the local population.
  5. The Green Man is not only an impressive building, but it was also built on land which has space for car parking, approximately 40 cars can be parked on site. The plan is to use some of the space to create educational and community facilities for events such as social gatherings, funeral services, and indoor games for children.
  6. The Green Man is located close to Bradford city centre and is only 5 miles away from the Leeds-Bradford airport, thus making it easily accessible. 
  7. Al Faiz Trust purchased the Green Man for £230,000 in 2020. Bradford City Council approved the plan to convert the building into an educational and community centre.
  8. Al Faiz Trust are looking to pay back a loan of £130,000 and require approximately £200,000 to renovate the site. The trust has already spent £30,000 during the coronavirus pandemic.
  9. Any financial help from the community would be gratefully received, as the establishment of an Al Faiz Trust institution in the heart of Bradford would be beneficial for the community at large.
  10. The chairman of the charity, Muhammad Rizvi, is a well-known scholar with a large following. He holds degrees in religious and social sciences from universities in the UK and Pakistan. Muhammad Rizvi has devoted his life to education, he has spent the previous 20 years providing religious education, as well as increasing interfaith cooperation due to his good relations with local churches.