Developing society through education

Established in 1980 with the aim of providing education and improved life opportunities, we now have various institutes in Pakistan and have also acquired an educational centre in the UK.

Educational Centre in Bradford, UK

In 2020 we purchased the Green Man pub with the intent of converting it to serve the community with our vision to further education and contribute to society.

Situated on Otley Road in Bradford the building is accompanied by a large piece of land that can be used for future projects. The total price of this was was £230,000 of which £130,000 is Qarz-e-Hasn amount. 

To renovate and repurpose the building for the intended use, the amount required is £200,000.  

We need your prayers and financial support to undertake and complete this project.

Overseas Intiatives

Our overseas projects range from helping the poor in various capacities through our core projects are educational institutes. The teachings and curriculum of the institutes listed below are government approved and lead to recognised qualifications, thus opening multiple opportunities for the students.